Birla Open Minds takes great pride in possessing a close-knit community of academicians, researchers and professionals.

With a legacy of nation-building and high-quality education in India, the name 'Birla Open Minds' is synonymous with the 4 Cs – Care, Co-operation, Collaboration and Courtesy. The Birla family is renowned for its focus on education, and its rich heritage of business and philanthropy is reflected in all their endeavours. A diverse and researched curriculum, integrated learning opportunities, and organized daycare facilities with well-planned schedules and operations are the main features of the brand. With their experience in this field and a supporting team from Birla Open Minds Ltd., owning a Birla Open Minds school is an experience that could be immensely rewarding.

Chairman’s Message

Mr. Yash Birla


The Birla family has a legacy of nation building and understands the importance of a high - quality education system. Birla Open Minds, has embarked on a journey to revolutionise education in India, by becoming educational change agents to learners across all educational segments - be it preschool, K-12 school, higher education, technological or vocational education. It promises to build a uniting culture, provide rich education, develop support educational solutions and develop a strong sense of community through each of its multifaceted institutions by nurturing sensitivity towards the Society, Economy and Environment.

Managing Directors Message

Mr. Nirvaan Birla

Managing Director

The future of any society or country depends on how it brings up its tiny tots. The more values we put into them, the better the chances of them growing up as responsible young citizens. Education thus plays a crucial role in how their minds shape up as they grow. In these formative years, the onus lies on parents and the education sector fraternity to nurture these minds. The preschools are a child's first social group where they learn what it is like being out there on their own. The image that they carry forward from here stays for a good period of time with them.

Vision & Mission

Birla Open Minds — a centre of academic excellence addresses the needs of the 21st century, by preparing individuals to become highly skilled, career oriented, economically independent and innovative, while also developing a sensitivity towards the economy, society and environment.

Birla Open Minds is a unique school community that works in collaboration with students and parents to provide quality education in a positive and supportive environment. The school achieves this goal by creating and implementing a world class curriculum that ensures that children are healthy, safe, disciplined, engaged, supported, challenged and prepared for the rigors of the current century.

Our Members

Mr. Nirvaan Birla

Managing Director

Nirvaan Birla is all set to grow Birla openminds as the Managing Director. His belief of being positive, humble and his enthusiasm to do something different will push everyone at Birla openminds to go that extra mile and fulfil commitments.

Mr. Yatharth Gautam

Director & COO

Having completed his graduation in BA (Hons) International Business from Regents Business School, London & his MBA in International Marketing from EU Business School, Barcelona

Dr. Puspita Chattopadhyay

President - Academics and Skill Devlopment

A dedicated, resourceful and goal-driven professional educator with a solid commitment to the social and academic growth and development of every child, Dr Pushpita Chattopadhyay is an academician par excellence.

Ms.Priti Ambekar

Head - Preschool & ECCED

Passionate about education and compassionate about children, Priti Ambekar has spent over 20 years of her life working on the holistic development of children's early needs. Her philosophy that education and learning should be inclusive has led her to design and execute the programme “Early Intervention for Children” in Ort India, and also have her own Learning Centre, “MY MIND MAPS”.

Gaurav Dadhich

Vice President - Sales & Marketing

Gaurav Dadhich, a marketing specialist, has earned an MBA degree from the renowned Balaji Institute of Management & HRD college in Pune, Maharashtra. He was awarded with Emerging Marketer of the Year 2021 by ASMA. His firm belief in discipline, dedication and determination has helped him grow professionally with the Yash Birla Group where he has had substantial experience of more than ten years, and continues steadfastly to serve the group.

Vijay Anand

Zonal Head - East & Central India

Vijay Anand, a marketing and sales specialist, has earned an MBA degree from the Lalit Narayan Mithila University in Darbhanga, Bihar. With a substantial work experience of 17 years, Anand has invested seven of these in franchise acquisition and management. He has also worked in diverse segments such as customer support, branding, event management, relationship management, and sales and marketing.

Siddharth Gaur

Regional Franchise - Manager - North India

Siddharth Gaur, working as Regional Franchise Manager for the North Zone. He has earned a Masters from Manav Bharti University, Solan-Himachal Pradesh. With an extensive experience of over thirteen years in franchising and business expansion, Gaur has developed impressive inter-personal and collaborative skills.

Ravi Shivdasani

Regional Franchise - Manager - West Zone

Ravi Shivdasani, working as Regional Franchise Manager for the West Zone has earned MBA in Sales & Marketing & Human Resource Management from Mumbai with Experience of over 20 years out of which 7 years in Franchise Acquisition worked with renowned brands in Education assisting in Sale & Marketing. Ravi Has taken Charge of Franchise acquisition to new heights in West Zone.

Mr Mukesh Mishra

General Manager - Operations India

RAn ambitious and enthusiastic professional who has been achieving consistent results, Mr Mukesh Mishra holds an MBA degree from Wigan and Leigh College, Mumbai. He is a sales and operations expert with 15 years of experience working with brands like EuroKids, O2 Spa Salon, Footprints and Firstcry. He has expertise in developing franchisee networks, business launch, promotions, marketing and operations with multiple brands across India.s

Ravi Ranjan

School Operations Manager - East India

Ravi Ranjan, an Operations Specialist, has earned a postgraduate degree in Human resource and Marketing Management in Business Management from the Centre for Management Development , Ghaziabad, UP. With an experience of more than eight years, Ranjan has had the privilege of working with leading educational companies, besides dabbling in diverse industries such as real estate, securities, and stem cell banking.

Mr Navneet Singh

School Operations Manager - North India

A seasoned professional with 16+ years in the educational services sector, Mr. Navneet Singh is currently serving as SOM (School Operations Manager) with Birla Open Minds. He ensures the smooth functioning of Birla Open Minds Schools across the north region. During his professional journey, he has been associated with a number of leading institutions where he handled a variety of tasks like administration, operations, sales, marketing, customer relationships, business promotion and development.

Mr Vijay Venna

School Operations Manager - South India

With more than two decades of working in the educational sector, Mr.Vijay Venna has a consistent track record of careful strategic planning and operational enhancement as his achievements. He is experienced in working with high-growth startups and has established technology-based organizations at a PAN India level. Presently he shoulders the responsibility of developing business in the south region for Birla Open Minds Schools.

Mr Vikram Rai

School Operations Manager – Central India

Mr Vikram Rai is an operational specialist known for driving brand growth and maximising operational excellence. He has earned a Bachelor's and Master's degree from LNUPE Gwalior. He has a total experience of 12 years in product development, operations management, brand development, team management etc.